Full Stack Creator



我很早就知道full stack developer(全栈开发者),我就是一个全栈开发者。但我又觉得website developing其实只是我工作的一小部分,不能很好的描述我。

我工作的另外一个重要的部分其实创作内容,所以我也知道我是一个content creator(内容创作者)。

于是我脑回路就把这两个事情搭在了一起,直接就写出了Full Stack Creator 全栈创作者



  • FSC的另外一个说法是 Founding influencer
    Founding influencer is now on par with founding engineer. An influencer with an organic community can identify a problem, pair with a technologist, crowdfund a solution, and continuously communicate progress along the way. The community derisks the process of market discovery.
  • Full stack creators are masters of thinking long-term but acting short-term.
  • gamify the process
  • Audience-first makes marketing your product practically free.
  • You’re able to capture more value than the typical creator who is only selling attention (usually through ads / sponsorships).
  • Full stack creators capture the upside of being a creator while later capturing the upside of running a stand-alone business.
  • If money is the goal then there are much easier ways to make a lot of money. But if freedom, autonomy and creative expression are a priority then the full stack creator path might be the answer.


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